10 Day Summer Series

This July I’ll be joining other bloggers in the Homeschool Blogging Network in a 10 Day Tips for Homeschool Mom’s Series. Whether you’re just getting started or a homeschool veteran, I’m certain you’ll glean some wisdom and gather some fantastic resources from all the participants.


The series runs from July 11th to July 20th, there will be a new post each day to help you easy into the new school year. Since I’m all about planning ahead, I’ll share how I prepare my home and my homeschool to save my sanity when things get hectic, and planning becomes a luxury. Join me for 10 days to prepare for the upcoming year.

10 Days To Prepare for The Upcoming Homeschool Year - The Musings of Mum

  1. Evaluate the Previous Year and Set Goals for the Future
  2. Make Connections With Other Homeschool Families
  3. Set-Up A Daily Routine In Your Homeschool
  4. Keep The Homeschool Clutter Chaos Under Control
  5. Choose The Right Homeschool Curriculum For Your Family
  6. How To Plan Your Homeschool Year
  7. Lesson Plan For The Entire Year In 6 Easy Steps
  8. Plan Homeschool Labs, Projects and Fields Trips Now
  9. Establish A Household Chore And Maintenance Plan
  10. 3 Ways To Keep Your Sanity In The Kitchen

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