Yearly Classical Charlotte Mason Planning Printable

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Yearly Classical Charlotte Mason Planning Printable

We’ve finally come to an end of our Classical Charlotte Mason series, and before we close, I wanted to leave you with a freebie. I created a weekly lesson plan and a 36 week planning printable. The weekly lesson planner I’m sharing is a blank version of the schedule I shared on day 4 of our series (minus the curriculum column). The first column is for the subject, second is for that particular week’s lesson, and you can break down what needs to get done by day on the Monday through Friday columns. We homeschool year round, in 6 week terms, with 1 week in between each term. I typically take that week to evaluate where we are, set a goal for the next term and schedule the next 6 weeks. Once upon a time, I planned every day of every subject. I’ve since learned the art of flexibility and come to realize that planning every second is just not reasonable. I share a bit more on how I plan here. The printable is broken down into 6 week terms for easy week by week planning .

Click on the image below, to catch days 1 through 9 of our 10 Days of Classical Charlotte Mason Homeschooling and Resources. Classical Charlotte Mason Homeschooling & Resources  

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