The ABC’s of Homeschool Encouragement

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Have you searched the word ‘homeschooling’ on Google lately? I just did and got over 29 million results in .59 seconds. Google found ‘how-to’ articles, ‘why you shouldn’t’ articles, printables, curriculum, you name it. Anything and everything you wanted to find out about homeschooling at your fingertips.

The results are both overwhelming, and intimidating. So much so, that when I started homeschooling the first time, I quit within just a few months. because I couldn’t keep up with homeschool philosophies, trends, curriculum choices, my kids went back to public school the following semester.

26 Weeks of Homeschool Encouragement

A couple of weeks ago, Amanda from Hopkins Homeschool shared a blog hop she was hosting, and it inspired me to go through the ABC’s of homeschool encouragement.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing a little a word of homeschool encouragement for the parent that may be on the brink of running back to the public system like we did.

The ABC's of Homeschool Encouragement

A – A is for Awesome Adventures Ahead

F – Building Friendships and the Introverted Homeschooler

G – Grace is the Word

H – Help! I Need Somebody

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