Homeschool Mother's Journal: February Edition | The Musings of Mum

Homeschool Mother’s Journal: February Edition

I’m happy to say that after a VERY slow start this year we’re finally back into full school mode, and we’re still having a great time. Here’s what’s happening in our home this month. In my life this month… This month an aunt of mine will be making the 5,000 mile trip from Bolivia to […]

What I’m Reading: February Edition

(This post contains affiliate links, see my full disclosure here.) February has arrived, and has brought along a brand new book selection. Here’s what I’m reading this month: Brooklyn Bat Boy by Geoff Griffin – The girls and I read this book while taking part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day, and we can’t recommend it enough. You […]

My Favorite Posts of 2016 | The Musings of Mum

My Favorite Posts of 2016

Last week I shared our Top 10 Posts, based on your shares, likes and visits. Today, it’s my turn to share my favorites. Coincidentally, every series I wrote in 2016, turned out to be in my top 10. 10. Summer Homeschool Prep Series This was my first series ever. I’m a planner, scheduler, list maker, […]

12 Bible Verses For The Weary Mom | The Musings of Mum

12 Bible Verses For The Weary Mom | Free Printable

A few weeks ago, I shared how exhausted I’d been, and how I realized that all the running and doing affected my health, and left me running on fumes. The thing is, that when we’re weary we get distracted. When we’re distracted we let our guard down. When we let our guard down, the enemy […]

Reader Favorites: Top 10 Posts of 2016

This past year was full of unexpected changes for our family; and though in the beginning things looked grim, the Lord blessed the final outcome. This was also the year in which I finally started to blog regularly, something I’d been wanting to do for years. I want to thank you, my readers for your […]

Homeschool Mother’s Journal: January Edition

When I started this blogging journey 4 years ago, my intention was to document where the homeschool adventure had taken us. After taking multiple blogging breaks and finally finding our groove, I’m back to where it all started. I’m joining homeschool bloggers across the web and in sharing our plans, wins and fails every month. In my […]

What I'm Reading: January Edition | The Musings of Mum

What I’m Reading: January Edition

(This post contains affiliate links, see my full disclosure here.) If there is one thing that every homeschool, household has in common is a ridiculous need to hoard books. I buy books from friends, I buy them online and at bookstores. I’m first in line at the public library sales (fill a giant bag of books […]

Christmas In Bolivia

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, I’m exited to share some Christmas traditions, and how we celebrate Christmas in Bolivia; my homeland. (This post contains affiliate links, see my full disclosure here.) My family immigrated to the United States when I was just 11 years old, my husband’s family arrived from the Philippines […]

Chronic Beauty: A Courageous Fight to Live Fully

As a mother of 3 teen and 2 pre-teen girls I deal with more than my fair share of conversations about beauty both inward and outward. Like every good mom I assure them that beauty comes from the inside out, but I also remind them of their outward beauty. Let’s face it, we all need […]

My First Blogging Conference

During the Summer of 2015, I was determined to start blogging consistently. Blogs had become my primary source of information for all things homeschooling for some time, and I had developed friendships with many bloggers over the years. It was then that I first heard of the 2:1 Conference. As October approached my Facebook, Twitter […]

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