Ever Be is a new favorite of mine. My 9 and 11-year-old girls have been singing this song non-stop. They’re teaching themselves how to play it on the piano. I’m a Sunday school teacher and I have the immense privilege to hear about a hundred 4 to 7 year olds lifting their little voices in worship. There’s nothing quite like it. While I don’t have a video of children singing, I urge you to sing out loud, as you play the video below. Did you sing it? It’s hard not to. Bringing beauty from ashes For You will have Your bride In Luke chapter 4,Read More →

I took the picture above while on a hike with my girls a few weeks ago. This cross is located at the very top of a nearby hill and not that long ago it was a great point of controversy in our city. You see, the land it sits on was once privately owned, but was later donated to the city and it became public property. A group of atheists who didn’t even live in the county heard about the cross and demanded it be taken down. After several city council hearings and Christian groups coming together enough money was raised to buy the .43Read More →

  Have you ever seen Phil Wickham perform this song live? I have, and let me tell you it’s fantastic every time. You can see his love and devotion to the Lord with every strum. This is one of those songs that you can’t help but dance to in total celebration of amazing grace. Today I share this song simply because I am overwhelmed by the grace He has granted me and I want to sing for all that he has done for me. How can I pray for you? Feel free to leave a comment below, or e-mail me at prayer@themusingsofmum.com. To catch theRead More →

As a full-time working, homeschooling mom, who moonlights as a blogger, I can honestly say I’m worn. Today’s song however is not about physical exhaustion, but a desire for spiritual rest and awakening. If you’ve been following this series, you know I’ve been openly sharing my heart each time. Each song has been a personal prayer that at some point or another declared exactly what I couldn’t articulate on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I havent been going through a time of severe darkness, however I have experienced times of separation from the Lord, and I’ve struggled with having to live in two worlds atRead More →

On this 8th day of our 20 Days of Worship Through Song series, I am once again compelled to share a song by Rend Collective. Their songs have been in complete sync with my heart these days. I feel like the Lord is speaking to me through worship, and showing me the direction he wants me to take.  As always I’ve attached a video to this post, and I urge to hit play, close your eyes and just listen. Did you have the urge to dance? I’m one of those people who likes to dance. I don’t do it well, but dancing makes me happy, andRead More →

Welcome to day 7 of the 20 Days of Worship Through Song series. Today’s song is I Wonder by Leeland.   When I first heard this song, I was at a women’s retreat, right in the middle of a dry season. I arrived on a Friday night, thinking of how many things I needed to get done as soon as I got home that Sunday. I was consumed with concerns of financial burdens that needed to be met, I was distracted by a recent disagreement with my sister. I was eager to leave as soon as I arrived. I just didn’t feel like I couldRead More →

[mailerlite_form form_id=1] Thank you for joining me on day 6 of our 20 Days of Worship Through Song series.  Today’s song is Your Love is Extravagant by Casting Crowns. According the Oxford dictionary the word extravagant means lacking restraint in spending money or using resources, costing too much, exceeding what is reasonable or appropriate; absurd. I think this is the perfect word to describe the love that drove Christ to this extreme sacrifice. The ripping of His flesh caused by the lashing, the ridicule, the rejection. He loves you and me that much. No restraint.   Oh what is man that you are mindful of Him? True extravagant love. My husbandRead More →

Thank you for joining me on day 5 of this 20 Days of Worship Through Song series. I encourage you to click on the graphic at the end of the page to catch up on previous days in case you’ve missed them. (This post contains affiliate links, see my full disclosure here.) Today’s song is What Do I Know of Holy by Addison Road. Have you ever sat in church and felt like the message that was being preached, or the story that was being told was just for you? Remember the conviction of the Holy Spirit? Or how humbled you felt that the Lord wouldRead More →